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February Ratings

Sometimes meetings suck. Let's find out why and do something about it!
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started late

no reason for me to be here

meeting went late
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"my boss is so rad. he knows how bad this meeting sucks so he keeps bringing me beers"

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Tip of the Month

Harness Your A.D.D.

We know how difficult it is to pay attention in meetings that are a bore. Our fast paced constantly entertained culture has many of us feeling like we have Attention Deficit Disorder even when we don’t, because listening one topic for too long can be near impossible! Some ways you can harness your A.D.D. are by turning the meeting into a personal game or challenge, taking beautiful notes, and some good old caffeine!

Turn it into a game!

When you turn the meeting into a game, you have a fun reason to pay attention to what the presenter is saying. Even if you’re listening for certain words or cues, you have a good chance of picking up some important information too!

Count on the Presenter

You can count on the presenter to have a lot to say but not necessarily a lot of interesting things to say. Try counting how many words they say that start with your favorite letter. Or go through the alphabet, crossing off each letter after the presenter says a word beginning with that letter. Another option is to count their verbal ticks; uh, like, um, ya know, etc.

Translate It

If you can speak another language, this is the perfect opportunity to sharpen your skills! Write down as much of what the presenter says or just translate in your head. If you don’t know enough of another language to really translate what they’re saying, try translating into a fun language like pig-latin or pirate! Check out this fun translation tool for ideas. Or you can let your brain translate a little more creatively. Try turning the presenter’s speech into poetry. Paraphrase what they’re saying but make it rhyme, your notes will be so much fun to read later!

Buzzword Bingo

This might be a fun game to play with your colleagues. Create a 5x5 grid and fill it with your organization’s buzzwords. Mix the words around on the other copies and share them with your peers. Every time the presenter says one of the buzzwords, cross off one of your words. The first person who gets 5 in a row has to say bingo in a normal sentence without interrupting the meeting. The word “bingo” can be exchanged for any other word that might be more meeting appropriate.

Take Beautiful Notes!

Doodling is not a bad thing! It can help your hand stay busy so your mind can be free to think about the presenter. If there are multiple speakers it can be helpful to draw some geometric shapes that represent each speaker next to your notes on what they said. This will help you remember who said what later. Writing down what the presenter is saying will not only help your brain remember what they said, but it will give you something to read when you ultimately forget. Another tip to help you focus is to write down questions you have on the meeting topic before the meeting. During the meeting, you will be listening for answers. Or you can ask the presenter your questions to let them think you were really listening to what they were saying.

Good Old Caffeine!

While coffee, tea, and soda all give you that instant boost of life to help you stay awake, there are a few natural options that will also help. Apples have a natural sugar that works just as well as coffee. Eat an apple 20 minutes before your meeting. Exercise gets your blood flowing and increases hormones in your body that help you to stay awake and focus. Try working out in the morning before work or doing some push-ups right before your meeting.

Harness your A.D.D. by trying out some of those methods. If you find that morning exercise helps keep you awake and focused during the day, make it a habit! Or if turning the meeting into a game helps you enjoy yourself and remember what the presenter was saying, make all your meetings games! Whether or not your A.D.D. is under control, rate the meeting with This Meeting Sucks! Remember, more ratings will lead to a more accurate report on your organization’s meetings. So invite your colleagues to rate their meetings with This Meeting Sucks!