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Meetings are meant to help people stay on track. They help roll out plans and clarify expectations. They exist to help everyone stay up-to-date. But all too often, meetings are inefficient, unproductive, not engaging, and disorganized. Typically, nothing is done when a meeting sucks, but by arming users with a tool to anonymously review their meetings, we can help understand why meetings fail or why they are successful. Every month, we aim to publish our findings to shed light and raise awareness to the quality of meetings. With this information, we can help promote better meetings by sharing and providing monthly insights.

How it Works

Users are given the option to sign up using an email or through social media: Facebook, Twitter, or Google. There are three main sections: settings, rate meeting, and reports. The settings section provides users options to change personal preferences like changing passwords or changing organizations. The rating section gives users the ability to toggle between reasons whether the meeting sucked or rocked. In addition, users can add their own specific reasons. Reports are generated to reflect the personal reviews, a global report for all users, and an organization-specific report.

Pricing and System Requirements

The web app is free.

Latest Chrome or Firefox browser is recommended.


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